The Adventures of Charlie and Moon

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"The Adventures of Charlie & Moon" is a fantasy for children about a boy named Charlie who opens his birthday present the night before his ninth birthday and the consequences that follow. Moon is a young eagle who needs Charlie’s help to stop an evil toymaker from turning all the eagles and endangered species into stuffed toys. The Adventures of Charlie & Moon takes children on a wild ride through the imaginary Shire of Tumblegum to stop the evil toymaker, Skunk Weavel from achieving his wicked ways.


"Warning - don't eat while reading this book! You'll laugh so hard you might choke or be totally grossed out!"
Jennyfer, Age 9 (Ecuador)

"Readers, pay attention: otherwise you will fall under the spell of Skunk Weavel!"
Sheila, Age 8 (Mexico)

"Charlie is extremely, amazingly and fantastically BRAVE!!!"
Bram, Age 8 (USA)

"'The Adventures of Charlie & Moon' is so funny and creepy and the ending is so, so surprising!"
Kosta, Age 8 (Greece)

"I love this book! It's delicious and nutritious! When's the next one?"
Thomas, Age 7½ (Australia)

"When I read The Adventures of Charlie & Moon I felt like I was in a dream."
Zufan, Age 10 (Ethiopia)                        

"Charlie & Moon is an electrifying tale. Once you start reading, you just can't stop!"
Ryan, Age 10 (UK)                        

"How do you spell A-W-E-S-O-M-E?"
Kevin, Age 9 (China)