Declan Kerr

Declan Kerr


Declan Kerr grew up in Ireland, London, andNew York.

He has hairy feet and likes many breakfasts and lunches, and currently lives in a hole in ground in Ireland with his dog and two cats.

He has exhibited at events in Dublin,Galway and London, and with a convention hosted by Trinity College, Dublin, which toured colleges in the USA.

In addition to magazine and CD cover illustrations, he has animated music videos and has just written and illustrated his first children’s book.


‘Billy Budd in the Breadbox’, by Jana Laiz, as illustrator.

‘Clown Boy’, by Veronica Forsayeth, as illustrator.

‘Oisín and the Salmon’, as writer and illustrator.

His next book, ‘Oisín and Tuán’ will be published 2021.